by Orange Doors

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Orange Doors' sophomore album.


released July 31, 2015

Songs by Ian Russell and Michael Ewens
Recorded with Thomas O'Brien at Hybrid Audio Solutions



all rights reserved


Orange Doors Charleston, South Carolina

Psychedelic flannel- rock band currently booking shows along the east coast. Would love to play anywhere these tunes take us.....
Shoot us an email for booking:

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Track Name: Noggin
They expect us all to bury on our own
Our fear is pushing with a thunderous force
My blood is boiling out onto my skin
It drips to form a puzzle at my feet
If all they tell me is nothing but truth
Then you a shadow or a dent in my kazoo
Must move across the ditch in your winter clothes
To prove to her that you are more than bold

We tried to help
To say its not how we felt
You're taking me up there but I can't see

My mind hurts more than any bone I break
The cloud over my head just pouring down rain
I swim back to my room and you're standing there
I feel so dry as the light goes dim
Inside I feel something that can't be found
It grows around us spinning round and round
I dip myself in glue and run into you
It feels so good to be stuck with you

I'm afraid of the
mirror looking half awake
I'm still here though
So I'll grab you and just go
Track Name: Donald Nail
Point to a cloud
and see exactly what it's hovering over
There's something around that's telling me
But I can't figure out why you feel so far from me

Push me down I could use a shove
Didn't expect you to fetch it so far
Deeper now in this static mess
Still I can't figure out why you seem so far from me

And I don't think I came to
No just wait don't move a muscle
All white in my field of view

Oh no, dryness is in my eyes
Can't you see what you do to me
it's unhealthy like we tend to be
but you know, I'll never be well around you

Why can't I lose your uncomforting company
Can't you just get lost and leave me alone
I'll risk any cost cause
Here comes Donald Nail
Track Name: Hollow
Our own plant growing in your fathers field
Behind his back our indigo feet they cover our tracks
We ride like pigs as we begin to remember
Wiping our face with the indigo paint
Crushing our plant to cover the sticks and twigs that we call home
we're never alone the item we made has feathered eyes
The moonlight sighs as I cover up your pale skin
The stars in the sky are taking the land in
Between the rocks and all the woods the woods
I want to be understood understood

The clock split it's out of time
the river's dry there's no place to run
He's locked us in the face in the car
He smells of gin his eyes seeping into me
He drags me towards the woods

His beard full his nails too long
He never thought that he'd be hurting anyone
We could dream of death the best of kind
But while we're here what's the point in trying
Even though we're not cracking with sound the pain is so loud
It hurts just as much to me
As you were saying while your face in frown
And you've been writing to please
That ghost who lives beyond your trees
It's like the weight of the concrete
I wouldn't help it if I could

Hollow I'm so hollow now
Hollow I'm so hollow now
Track Name: Space Cadet
Why don't you show me what's in y our head
Crawl under the sheets with me
We can stay there all night long

Why don't you introduce me
To the place in your chest I want to be
Yeah I know it's packed in tight
Just reserve a spot for me

Spinning round and round my head
Space cadet

You may think you're just a girl
But you're everything on my checklist
Other girls are black and white
But you show me colors I've never seen

You seep right through me
Space Cadet

Now I think renewed
My eyes close and I picture you
Above the stratosphere yea
Looking down on our atmosphere
I know you're way up there
but I can't help that I want you here
and if I have to come up there myself
Then you know I'll build a ship and I'll get the fuel and I'll set a course and I'll see you there
Track Name: Undergaze
What they say
Lock us inn
Stay away

Oh there you are I've been looking for you
You know I don't care much but I still try
If you follow me I'll take you to a place where
You won't ever want to leave, oh

Did you think
Up a world

Oh there you are I've been looking for you
You know I don't care much but I still try
If you follow me I'll take you to a place where
You won't ever want to leave

Oh no I can't get you to understand
Anything I make believe
Am I I am infatuated with
Procrastinating and bed sheets
Track Name: Mush
Let me out
Let me out of here
Throw me a rope
Climb right out of here

Pictures sound oh so clear
I cannot help with what you feel
Any time or any place here
Crumble down and then you'll see
What this glue here really means
Understand me while you step on me

You knew
How to keep me here when I didn't know
What I'd do
Just to tell you how much that means to me

Crawling closer towards the edge
I wish you weren't just inn my head
oh wee oh wee ohhhh